About Us

Maldheef Group is a company focussing towards marketing and public relations. Under this company , there are other similar platforms along with travel and tourism .in sha Allah, It is also planned to carry out economic services , charity and finance managements and Islamic banking in the future .

Current biggest aim is to promote the tourism industry worldwide, in order to help the economic growth of the Maldives.

Due to the recent deduction of the Maldives economic growth,it has lead its people to shut down shops and other businesses, leading to high unemployment rate in the country.

In this crucial and a very difficult situation,the best and the only thing which could possibly bring ease and steadiness to the Maldives is to attract tourists from all over the world as tourism is the country’s main source of income.

The company’s main target is the tourists in the Arab world. As One fourth of the people in this world speaks in Arabic language and that is Around 500 million people all over the world.

If we could successfully introduce and present our beautiful country to the Arab world in a manner to reach their hearts , its sure for the arab tourists to increase in numbers as Maldives is already known as “The Paradise Islands” for its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Which is why this company will be promoting the country in the Arab language as well.

In the History of Maldives , this is going to be the very first social media platform promoting and marketing Maldives in Arabic language.

A platform providing information about resorts, guesthouses, restaurants,islands , will be launched with many Arab followers.

Services will be provided through our public relation farm, to every single body in the tourism industry.

The Island councils will be provided with great opportunities to market their islands and atols to the Arab world through websites, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube links ,Facebook and every social media platform.

Magazine will be launched in the name of “Marhaba”which will be in Arabic language to reach out to more people.


Maaldif Group recognizes the scope in publicizing the country’s tourism industry in the Arab World and strives to make a change in the current scenario by employing all the available resources and creating content through a diverse set of multimedia options.

The ultimate goal of the firm is to pioneer a change in the PR sector for the tourism industry and facilitate the growth of arrivals from the region to the country.


  • Promote Maldivian Tourism in the Arab World;
  • Build formidable relationships with our Arab counterparts;
  • Facilitate the tourism industry by offering distinguished products;
  • Employ creative marketing tactics to gain momentum;